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With Erica Neely

What’s the point of having your own podcast if you can’t plug your own book. The podcast is very 21st century and a new book I’ve edited, Future Morality, published by Oxford University Press, tackles ethical challenges posed by scientific and technological advances in the 21st century. It features articles by philosophers, including Erica Neely. Her chapter focuses on avatars in virtual worlds. Maybe you participate in virtual worlds - such as Second Life. In Second Life, you can engage in all sorts of activities, including advertising and trading services, socializing, even dating. Users, or ‘residents’ as they’re called, have virtual representations of themselves – avatars.

Erica Neely is a philosopher specializing in philosophy of technology and computer ethics. She also makes occasional forays into related fields. Her focus is on the ethical ramifications of emerging technologies, such as 3D printers and augmented reality, as well as on how new forms of interaction online affect long-standing philosophical questions about who we are and how we should treat each other.

In addition to emerging technologies, many of her current projects pertain to questions involving ethics and video games. Similarly, she is also interested in ethical dilemmas arising from augmented reality. You can find out more about these projects in the Research and Publications sections of this site.

She strongly believes that philosophers should engage with the general public; her outreach activities can be found under the Public Philosophy section.